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I’m Jovan Jackson, running for councilman of North Las Vegas Ward 3. Here are my top priorities. If these are your concerns as well, please vote for me in the Primary Election. Early voting begins Saturday, May 28, and continues through Friday, June 10. Election Day is Tuesday, June 14.


✓ Create a new form of public safety only dealing with homelessness, mental health, and substance abuse 911 calls.

✓ Redesign and redevelop pre-existing shopping centers to better fit the needs and interests of Ward 3.

✓ Provide more accessible and affordable housing for all populations.

✓ Create Business license incentives for local entrepreneurs.

✓ Bring more jobs to Ward 3 by instituting rehabilitation centers working directly with diversion programs.

✓ Decriminalize minor traffic citations - a broken taillight, failing to signal.

✓ Organize legislation from a local level to ensure the safety and progress of those eligible for DACA.

✓ Help end cash bail for minor, non-violent misdemeanors charges.

✓ Advocate for mental health wellness and awareness inside schools’ curriculum.

✓ Develop expungement centers.

✓ Add a turning lane for the LVAC shopping center.

✓ Provide free public transportation for individuals on SSI disability.

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As Councilman I will provide more access to employment, housing, and business opportunities to the local community. I will ensure public safety is a priority to our neighborhoods, parks, and communities. I will demand for more assistance, resources, and educational opportunities for disenfranchised populations.

I will be the voice of our community!

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