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Dedicated to Family, Leadership, and Progress.

"Born and raised on the North-East side of the Vegas Valley, my Grandparents made North Las Vegas their home in the 1960s. Grace Immanuel Missionary Baptist Church has been my family’s home church since the 1980s. A graduate of the College of Southern Nevada and Desert Pines High School, currently attending U.N.L.V. with aspirations to become a licensed therapist."

Jovan Jackson has been a small business owner in Southern Nevada since 2011. A current Director and founder of 2 successful mental health facilities, owner of a recording studio, and senior board member of the Mass Liberation Project in Las Vegas. Mr. Jackson Experienced immediate success after High School as an entrepreneur. He Graduated High School in 2010 and open his first business at the age of 19. 

At the age of 22, Jackson had a mental breakdown that originated from substance abuse. "I lost sight of perception and reality" his mental health issues were deemed criminal and Jackson was sentenced to incarceration for conspiracy of robbery for 2 years. Jovan Jackson was able to rehabilitate during incarceration and served as a Wild-Life Firefighter. "I found progression and success after my incarceration through family, leadership and community engagement". Mr. Jackson wanted to prove to his community that he would regain his success. Since his release from incarceration in 2018, Jackson has been dedicated to being the voice for most vulnerable populations. Jackson was able to regain his success and want to expand his compassion as the next North Las Vegas Councilman.  


"My past experiences with mental health issues pushed me to become an advocate. To help ensure housing is accessible to the most vulnerable populations, I created a housing program for those who are receiving disability due to mental health conditions. I will forever continue to be an advocate for the mental health community in my life long journey."



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